Gold Ivory (Original Art)


Image of Gold Ivory (Original Art) Image of Gold Ivory (Original Art)

• Gold Ivory •

When creating, I always feel the need to make something extravagant, detailed and clean. But I wanted to explore something simple and slightly out of my co zone.

The idea behind this was to give it that raw, unfiltered feel - kind of like a rare fossil or a painting in a cave and to capture a beautiful creature our grandkids may not have the luxury of seeing.

I’ve also been really wanted to work with space, leaving large amounts blank with a small centralized piece. I used to think it was pretty pointless when I went to museums and saw artists pieces on HUGE canvases with a little 1 inch image in the middle but I really wanted to play around and experiment with this idea
20” x 20”
24k gold leaf and acrylic paint on canvas.
Shipping via FedEx