"Golden Hour" Original Painting.


Image of "Golden Hour" Original Painting.

22 inch X 28 inch / 55.8 cm X 71.1 cm

• Golden Hour •
I created this piece to show women in different roles and that we are not as basic as what today’s society has deemed us to be.
I was very lucky to have grown up with an extraordinarily strong mother who never once made me feel as though men should be given more importance.
Dating back to, lets just say, the “cave man” era, studies have shown that there was more gender equality. Women did a lot more than just stay at home, cook, clean and raise babies. Women hunted, painted, traveled further to find food or even life partners, and men were the ones who took care of the children. It seems we’ve gone backwards. I don’t wish to put down the male species; my dad, brother and husband are exceptional examples of males, but the whole idea that women are less capable than men is absurd. We are most definitely different biologically/anatomically, etc. Studies also show our brains tend to work in different ways.
We need to embrace the differences of each other and work together and become a stronger, more accepting community.